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Frequently Asked Questions

Country Cookers have years of experience in refurbishing and installing AGAs, and we will be more than happy to share any tips and advice. 

AGAs are a unique appliance which offers a lot of versatility around the house, but its unconventional heating style can raise a lot of misconceptions and questions. 

We have put together a short list of frequently asked questions below, with a short answer. If you need additional information, or have any other questions, please simply get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Rayburn Range Cookers

Yes, they are; beneath its classic looking exterior, a Rayburn has highly efficient cooking and heating system. Not only will you be able to create unique dishes, but you will have a warm home and hot water when you require it. 

Yes, you can use natural or manufactured smokeless fuel or carbon-neutral wood in any Rayburn oven that can run on solid fuel. Using a solid fuel Rayburn to heat your home is less costly and environmentally friendly because burning wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as it would while decomposing naturally.

A Rayburn solid fuel and a multi-fuel oven can be fuelled with natural carbon wood,  natural wood, or solid fuels like (MSF) Manufactured Smokeless Fuel, peat briquettes or heat logs.

Aga's and Rayburn stoves come in a variety of colours. If you would like more information on the range of colours we stock, please contact our team at Country Cookers.

Find out more about our selection of stove colours.

It is recommended that oil-fired Rayburns and Aga cookers require servicing every six months. Gas and solid-fuel models should be serviced annually. 

Having your Aga or Rayburn serviced regularly will help protect your property from fires or gas leaks. 

AGA Range Cookers

A refurbished or reconditioned AGA cooker means that the cooker has been stripped down and the appliance has been rebuilt. Reconditioned Aga's can, in some cases, be over 30 years old and made up of different Aga cookers. 

An AGA Cooker is a cast-iron heat-storage cooker. There are different types of AGA; some are on all the time, some switch on and off for more flexibility. Some traditional AGA's still heat Hot domestic water.AGA also makes Rayburn Cookers. They are made of Cast and most often does the Central Heating as well. 

If you leave your Aga on the economy setting, it will cost approximately £70.55 per week to run; however, 13-amp models cost more to run.

If you purchase a refurbished AGA, not only will you have a beautiful range oven installed in your home, it will also provide comfort and warmth. A reconditioned range can cost up to 75% less than buying a brand new one. 

Classic models of AGA ovens stay on constantly; however, the hotplates and ovens on newer AGA models, for example, the AGA 60, Total Control, 3 Series, can be turned on and off as required; this means you get heat in your room without using unnecessary energy.

Aga cookers have reliability and longevity and can last for many years when properly maintained. They usually have larger ovens, provide heat for the room they are installed in and have more fuel choices.

Conventional range cookers have more precise temperature control on the hob and in the oven. There is a broader choice of styles, and they tend to be cheaper to run.

Yes, and you will save money on your central heating. Aga's warm your home from the kitchen up, and you won't need to turn your central heating on for winter quite so early. 

Aga's are also great if you are at home all day; it means you don't need your central heating switched on all the time.

It will take approximately 40 minutes for the oven to reach maximum temperature, and it will take about 8 to 11 minutes for the hotplates to get to their entire temperature. 

Yes, you can use your Aga for all cooking methods, including worldwide cuisine. There is nothing you cannot cook on an Aga, and the results are far superior to those of a conventional oven; this is because Aga ovens use radiant heat technology.

AGA heat-storage range cookers are deceptively large at 85.1cm in height and 98.7cm in width for a 3-oven model or 91cm in height and 147.8cm in width for a 5-oven model. The beauty of having such a large size oven means you can use almost every centimetre of its space. You can cook on the oven floor, slide tins and trays onto the runners, and place stacked pans in the simmering oven.  Each oven can hold up to 4 full-size chickens. 

New model AGA ovens are solely powered by electricity; however, you can also purchase an Aga oven that will run on oil. Rayburn models allow for solid fuel and wood such as peat briquettes and (MSF) manufactured smokeless fuel.