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Reconditioned Ranges in the UK

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Mobile Number: 07445 914 131

Mobile: 07445 914 131

Pre Owned Ranges Showroom

Country Cookers have the largest stock of pre owned ranges available in the UK. Our showroom in Cornwall offers a wide choice between all makes and models of range cookers. Our reconditioned ranges offer our customers the best value for money for quality range cookers in the UK. We are able to deliver our ranges throughout the UK and we can provide a fitting service for our customers in Cornwall.

When you buy a reconditioned range you get an excellent performing range which will look beautiful in your home offering a practical and stylish feature to your kitchen or living area. Our quality ranges can be used for cooking, water boiling or as part of your central heating system.

Our standard refurbishment checks all of the cast iron components such as barrels, top ovens and fronts. Wherever the existing parts are in good working condition, we will re use them, other wise we will replace then with high quality new parts.

Choice of AGA Ranges Available

We sell a large selection of AGA range cookers from our well stocked showroom to suit all our customers requirements. Whether you require an oil or solid fuel powered range, we can convert the range of your choice to be used with the fuel of your choice.

We sell the following types of reconditioned ranges at a fraction of the price compared to buying one new:

  • Standard Reconditioned Ranges
  • 2 Oven Reconditioned Ranges
  • Solid Fuel Burner
  • Oil Fired Ranges
  • 4 Oven Reconditioned Ranges
  • Central-heating Ranges
  • Deluxe Reconditioned Ranges

A sample of available ranges

Country Cookers have been providing high quality refurbishment, restoration and repairs for quality ranges for over 20 years. Our pre owned ranges can be customised with a number of different colours, as seen from our sample ranges below:

Reconditiond Range Deliveries

We Deliver our Reconditioned Ranges and Stoves throughout the UK including rural areas. Our spare parts and ranges can be delivered to anywhere in the UK including the following areas: