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AGA and Rayburn Increase Stove Prices

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  • AGA and Rayburn Increase Stove Prices
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  • 29-05-2016

AGA and Rayburn Increase Stove Prices

Popular brands AGA and Rayburn has recently increased their prices. What does this mean? Learn how you can still benefit from affordable cooking ranges for your home.

AGA and Rayburn has recently increased the prices of their cooking ranges. For me customers, this means that by brand new cooking range is simply too expensive. This is why you should consider alternative options to create a high-quality cooking range for your home.

AGA and Rayburn remain two of the best and most popular brands in the UK. Their products are made from high quality materials and they have beautiful designs. But if these cooking ranges of the expensive for you, consider buying a reconditioned range. Reconditioned ranges look as good as new and they are much more affordable to buy.

When you purchase the reconditioned range, you can be rest assured that all the parts of quality checked. Any old or worn parts are replaced by brand-new ones. Cast iron parts are also used wherever possible.

This means you get the same high-quality range, but a reduced price. At Reconditioned Ranges Ltd we have more than 35 years’ experience. We specialise in the reconditioned cooking ranges made from high-quality materials. We personally check every part of a cooking range for quality. We also replace any parts that are damaged.

Reconditioned Ranges Ltd are your first choice for refurbished range cookers which we deliver throughout the UK. For more information about our cooking ranges, contact us on 01209 214 774. You can also visit us online or contact us directly by using our contact form.