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Why Choose a Range Cooker

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  • 28-07-2019

If you are looking to invest in a cooker, a range cooker is an ideal choice because it has numerous benefits. There are range cookers that have bigger ovens, but you can choose two-oven models for small homes.

The two ovens can be used on a range of applications including fan, grill, defrosting, and fan-assist as well as a quick response for fast heat up times.

A range cooker is only 30cm wider than a standard built-in cooker but provides additional features. For instance, with a range cooker, you will decide the choice of fuel, choice of hobs, a high powered grill and storage.

Why choose a range cooker?

i. They look great in any kitchen

There is a variety of styles, sizes, and colours you can choose to suit your needs. Whether you have a traditional or a contemporary kitchen, a range cooker is an ideal choice.

ii. They are cost effective

With a range cooker, you don’t have to buy other cooking necessities because it contains everything you need when it comes to preparing a meal, saving you a considerable amount of money.

iii. Multifunctional ovens

Multifunctioning ovens can be used to perform different functions at once. You can use such ovens for browning your dish or even crisping the base of your pizza among other things.

iv. Range cooker ovens are larger in size

The ovens of a range cooker are often about 20% bigger than a standard oven. Therefore, you can cook more food without worrying about timing or keeping it warm.

v. Range cookers can have two ovens

If you want to cook a lot of food, these cookers are ideal because there is plenty of cooking space. This will not only save you time but also resources because you will take less time to cook a lot of food.

vi. The cookers are available in a range of colours

Even though most kitchens have stainless steel cookers, you don’t have to be limited when choosing the colour of a cooker. Range cookers are available with numerous colour choices, so you are bound to find one which matches the theme of your kitchen or your preferences.

vii. Range cookers reduce odours when cooking foods

Your food emits smells depending on your method of cooking and the appliances you use to cook it. Range cookers vent via the rear side, removing odour and steam from within the oven or through the cooker hood, reducing the chances of your food having bad tastes or smells.

viii. They have storage space

Some range cookers have drawers that can be used to store roasting dishes and baking trays.

ix. Most range cookers have wok burners

Some foods should be prepared by the use of power, for instance, stir-fries. With a wok burner, you will save time and produce an authentic taste of such foods.

x. They have more burners

With the average range cooker measuring 90 cm to 100 cm, you can have five burners. A 110 cm range cooker can have seven burners, making cooking easy and flexible.

xi. Space-conscious

Regardless of the size of the kitchen you have, you can have the perfect range cooker because they are available in a range of different sizes. For example, they start from 90 cm in width, which includes 2 ovens, 5 burners, and a separate grill.

xii. Dedicated grills

Most range cookers have a high powered grill that can be used to brown or grill your dishes.