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Why Choose a 4 Oven AGA

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  • Why Choose a 4 Oven AGA
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  • 26-02-2016
Why Choose a 4 Oven AGA

Why Choose a 4-Oven AGA?

The 4 oven AGA is the ultimate in AGA style and design. It is a very bigger oven coming in at nearly one and a half metres wide but it certainly gives you a huge amount in this space.

The 4 oven AGA comes with all of the ovens that you get in the 3 oven AGA. This includes a simmering oven, roasting oven and baking oven.

The 4th oven is called the warming oven. This is perfect for warming plates up or keeping food warm while you cook other things. You can let meat rest in it or cook delicate dishes like meringues. The warming oven offers you so much more!

The addition of the 4th oven kind of gives you free reign to do as you please with your AGA. This is the most versatile range cooker of the most versatile range cooker range in the world!

The 4th oven is not all you get either. You also get the choice of either a warming plate or a hob on top.

This goes next to the two hotplates that you already get to give you even more ways to cook. The two ring hobs can be electric ceramic depending on your needs.

Obviously the size of the 4 oven AGA can play in a factor in your decision as to which AGA to buy. But it can provide you with a lot of versatility in the kitchen.

It has a wonderful style that looks great in any home, modern or traditional. It provides you with a completely well rounded oven that will last for many years to come.

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