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The Top Range Cooker Manufacturers

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The Top Range Cooker Manufacturers

If you are thinking about  installing a range cooker, you may ask: Who are the top range cooker manufacturers? From Rayburn to AGA, find out which are the top manufacturers of traditional range cookers for country kitchens.

Which Brand of Range Cooker is Best?

With endless different makes and models of available range cookers, choosing which one to buy can seem overwhelming.

It can take days and weeks to search the web in search of the best possible range cooker for you. 

However, we are here to help narrow the search by recommending our top picks of range cooker manufacturers. We will show you our top picks of range cooker manufacturers, and hopefully, this article will help you pick from a recommended list.


What comes to mind when you think of a range cooker? Do you think of a country home with solid oak tables? 

Perhaps, you think of fresh-out-of-the-oven bread lying on top of them? The traditional AGA cooker is at the heart of a country kitchen.

They have been supplying stable, range cookers for many years and continue to provide the quality and style they are known for. The materials AGA cookers usually consist of cast iron or steel. Selected models from their collection are available in wood-burning, solid fuel, and electric.

While AGA range cookers are on the expensive side, they are a symbol that represents the ultimate status. 

With an Economy mode on their dual control models, you can warm your food, warm your kitchen, and use less energy at lower heating bills.

Who Are The Top Range Cooker Manufacturers? AGA
Who Are The Top Range Cooker Manufacturers? Rayburn


Rayburn offers cast iron cookers that look timeless and classic in modern and traditional kitchens. These cookers are available in various colours, are very flexible to suit your functional needs, and are adaptable to a multitude of style requirements.

Rayburn's secret method of producing tasty food relies on their indirect radiant heat, which locks flavour and moisture into food. You can choose to use models that run on oil that are perfect for roasting and baking. 

Rayburn cast-iron range cookers come in 15 different colours and can provide hot water to your home.

Mercury Cookers

Mercury is a very interesting company, transforming traditional range cookers and making them futuristic. 

Mercury has effectively brought range cookers out of the past and into the present, with modern styles and traditional functions.

Constructed in the UK, Mercury range cookers allow experienced or passionate cooks to have enhanced cooking precision and the highest quality performance. 

Many oven cooking functions include browning and base heat, defrost, telescopic shelf, fan assisted, and fanned grill. 

The hobs have multiple power settings, including low-temperature cooking. The hob additionally has a pan detection function that safely switches the heat off when all pans are removed.

If you are looking for a stove that fits in with the decor of a modern kitchen, then Mercury certainly has something for you. You can choose from up to seven striking colours, including the ever-popular Ash Black, Blueberry, Snowdrop, and Stainless Steel. 

With Hi-Fi controls, a storage drawer, and chrome handrails, you can be sure to impress family and friends when cooking with the latest Mercury model cooker.

If you're interested in a Mercury hob, their Dual Fuel models are topped with a porcelain-enamelled finish and cast-iron flame spreader to distribute and retain heat for highly controllable cooking.

Lacanche Stoves

The Lacanche company has taken style and put it in the palms of their customers. When it comes to buying a stove from Lacanche, there is a lot of freedom of choice.

 Each stove is built in the French countryside to order, and you can have bespoke cookers made in the suitable colours and styles for your home. 

Customisable materials include baked porcelain enamel, stainless steel, and cast iron. Since these noble materials are sustainable, 

Lacanche sells 90% recyclable cookers to minimise ecological impact and waste for future generations.

Lacanche is unparalleled for authentic styles. They blend exquisite French artistry with traditional and modern craftsmanship. The size of Lacanche range cookers varies between 70cm and 220cm.


The Belling company produce charming range cookers, for example, their Farmhouse dual fuel range cooker has a traditional dollhouse style while having a modern touch-screen interface. 

It additionally has a 64-litre fan oven, a grill, and a storage compartment to keep your food hot.

Belling's 90cm, 100cm, or 110cm models offer functionality and flexibility that are without equal. Every range cooker is manufactured in Britain and rated A for energy efficiency. Their colours range from black to cream to stainless steel.

Belling range cookers
Smeg Range Cooker

Smeg Range Cooker

Now, Smeg Range Cookers are recommended to avoid. While their models are advertised as brilliant appliances of their time and "Technology with style", many customers complained about their questionable styling by having no indication of the various temperature settings by the oven's knobs.

To use the Smeg Portofino model as an example, with its twelve functions, full grill, 115-litre capacity, and quadruple glazed windows, it only has one oven and five separate induction hob zones. These models at least have some dots around the knobs to indicate the different grill and hob settings.

Regular ovens don't always include hobs, but range cookers do. When regular ovens include hobs, the hob space is much larger than the hob space on range cookers. 

Normal ovens often have between 5 and 8 separate hobs to allow the user to flexibly boil, fry, and steam multiple foods at the same time. Similarly, range cookers have a multi-cavity feature that lets the user cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time without contaminating the flavours.

When it comes to oven capacity, range cookers have 50% more space than a regular oven offers, ideal for users looking to perfect their Sunday roasts. Additionally, range cookers usually come in traditional styling, but as more and more interest in them increases, range cooker companies are now offering a broad range of modern styles. Modern regular ovens are usually styled with industrial onyx, rustic brass, and silver steel colours.

How long it takes you to find the best range cooker for you depends on whether you are focused on the aesthetics, functions, or both. We recommend focusing your search on certain functional aspects that will assist you in the kitchen. 

Now that we are looking at the functional aspects of range cookers, there are two types to explain. The first type consists of models made of cast iron with heat storage. 

These can heat water for your central heating system and are usually powered by electric, oil, or solid fuels. They may require a flue for safety and are switched off during the summer.

The second type of range cooker is those with multi-purpose hob tops with powerful burners, griddles, or hotplates. You can spot these in a professional cook's kitchen or being used in commercial and business properties. 

They are often fuelled by electricity or dual fuel with different energy efficiencies, so ensure you do your research.

After choosing a few useful range cookers, choose the best one for you by honing on your ideal colours and styles. You may want to match the style of your range cooker to the traditional or steel style of your kitchen. Alternatively, you may want it to stand out as a focal point of your kitchen, in which case you should look for a brighter or darker coloured range cooker to the colours of your cupboards and countertops.

How much you spend on a range cooker heavily depends on whether you require any extra functions, a larger unit, or if you want a quality product that will last for decades. 

The price will ultimately reflect how durable the material of the range cooker is. If the cooker is made from cast iron, for example, then it is worth more because it lasts for decades and is a worthwhile investment.

See the below How Much Should I Pay for a Range Cooker? Section for more information about range cooker prices.

Range cookers can come in a spectrum of different widths, from 50cm to 150cm. 90cm is the most popular size. The width dictates the internal space of the three cavities: oven, second oven, and grill. However, some four-cavity models come in widths of 100cm and 110cm.

When it comes to entertaining lots of people, having multiple foods cooking at the same time would be extremely useful. Additionally, keeping food hot in a heated storage drawer would also be beneficial.

You may consider purchasing a small range cooker if your kitchen is small or cramped with other appliances, drawers, and cupboards. When buying a smaller range cooker of 60cm, for example, you will have to decide whether you want a single or twin-oven model.

Range cookers come with an apt range of features that dictate whether you purchase a specific model. You will likely be overwhelmed with choices when looking at griddles, hotplates, meat probes, rotisseries, and twin ovens. 

Some range cookers include defrosting and reheating settings to quickly cook or heat your food so that you can eat what you want when you want.

If you enjoy and cook Eastern Asian cuisine, you will benefit from having a range cooker with a varied hob top. You could utilise a large wok burner for frying meat and smaller burners for sauces and noodles. If you are preparing multiple meals at a time, having a warm storage drawer will help keep food hot.

You may want to safety proof your kitchen with touch-safe oven doors to protect the little hands and paws in your home. Similarly, telescopic oven shelves provide a visual aid for adults and kids alike when checking to see if meals or baked goods are ready.

Suppose you do not have a lot of time to spend cleaning your kitchen. In that case, you will benefit from having easy-to-clean ovens that have either pyrolytic lining, enamel coating, catalytic lining, or vapour features. See the below section, Is A Self-Cleaning Range Cooker Vital? for more information regarding range cookers with cleaning functions.

Some high-end and expensive range cookers have a Catalytic liner that serves a self-cleaning function. The internal surface of the range cooker's oven is made of a porous enamel which absorbs food debris and breaks it down using oxidising catalysts when activated by a button or at a normal cooking temperature.

There are also range cookers with Pyrolytic ovens that absorb grime and grease into their enamel lining. The muck is incinerated into carbonated ash at a high temperature, which can then be swept out.

Vapour cleaning is another hot steam technique to clean the oven quickly and efficiently. There is a water reservoir stored within the cooker itself and can be activated via a button on the cooker. We recommend using the 10-minute vapour function alongside manual cleaning for a comprehensive clean.

The prices for high-quality range cookers can go up to £20,000.  You may want an expensive range cooker for the cooking accessories and extras such as self-cleaning functions, induction, sleek styles, and pizza modes.

 Alternatively, you may want a basic range cooker at prices that start at £600 and have the cooking essentials like one oven, four hobs, and a traditional style.

Refurbished AGA And Rayburn Cookers For Sale

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