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Reconditioned Rayburns For Sale

Are you looking for reconditioned Rayburns for sale? We offer a wide selection of customisable Rayburn cookers for sale. Each range cooker has been refurbished to a high standard.

What Are Rayburn Cookers?

These leading central heating cast iron range cookers lay at the heart of many homes. These iconic range cookers are flexible, reliable and have a classic design. 

Using indirect radiant heat, they have the ability to prepare your food with the ultimate flavour, moisture and goodness. Available in a range of models, sizes, designs, fuel types, gas-fired, solid fired, oil-fired and numerous colours. AGA Rayburn cookers have a solution for all of your culinary and kitchen needs in one appliance. 

Royal Solid Fuel

The Royal Solid Fuel is available in both left-hand and right-hand oven versions. It has one continuous hot plate, with the half above the fire being the central hot plate and the other half for simmering. 

This model also features two ovens, the top oven for primary use and a lower over for warming. They also have the ability to control your home central heating, ranging from 3-9 radiators depending on the model.  

Reconditioned AGA Rayburn Royal Solid Fuel Cookers, all with refurbished and replaced parts, are available in various colours.

Royal Oil & Electric

Oil & electric AGA Rayburn range cookers are incredibly versatile and popular kitchen choices for generations. 

Although the electrically powered units are suitable only for cooking, the wick-burning units can additionally be used to provide hot water and support central heating in your home for 3-5 radiators. 

 This model was initially powered by oil and gas, but due to a demand for more modernised cooking options, it is now available in this current design. 

These cookers can be easily installed almost anywhere you'd like, as long as they are placed no further than 5 metres from an external wall. 

These models do not require a traditional chimney to operate as they can run on a 13-Amp fused spur running on its own line. We use only high-grade replacement parts for our reconditioned ovens.

Rayburn Supreme

Introduced in the early 80s, this beautiful model has become widely popular with consumers everywhere. This multi-fuel oven can be fueled by wood, making it extremely environmentally friendly. 

If you plan to have the cooker running overnight, it's highly recommended you use an alternate fuel source such as coal instead. We offer reconditioned AGA Rayburn Supreme models in an array of different coloured enamels, including creams, pinks, blues, purples, etc.

Rayburn 400 Series Oil

This particular AGA Rayburn model boasts two ovens. You can use the large capacity main oven for various cooking procedures such as roasting, baking and grilling. Whereas the bottom range, which is typically half the main temperature, can be ideal for slow roasts, curries and vegetable steaming. 

The ovens are all vented into the flue to prevent flavours from each dish from tainting one another, meaning You can easily cook a whole range of foods together at the same time, maximising the capacity of your oven and minimising your cooking efforts. With central heating, an integral timer and the option of an added external programmer, this oven gives you immense cooking flexibility and is ideal for most homes.  

We have refurbished and reconditioned 400 Series oils available in numerous different colours. Please call us for enquiries. 

Rayburn Tech Details

It would be worth noting that site preparations must be carried out before range cookers can be fitted.

The already existing chimney must be lined using a 5" flexible liner. The internal and external prefabricated flue must be 5" double insulated and may exit horizontally or vertically from the unit.

You should position the cooker on a level base made from non-combustible material. The Rayburn royal-depth should be 20" and the width 33", while the Rayburn supreme-depth should be 23" and the width 35". The height can be optional.

It is recommended to use an anti-down draught cowl. The flue box is situated on the right-hand side on an AGA Rayburn supreme and on either side for all other AGA Rayburn models.  It is highly recommended that you get a vedette cowl fitted onto your current chimney.

A constant air vent with an effective area of 5" square minimum should be provided.

Applying only to AGA Rayburn Supreme models, the fan-assisted burner needs a 240-volt supply and is fused at 3 amps.

All AGA Rayburn units with hot water facilities must be connected to an indirect gravity flow system with a 40-gallon hot water cylinder.

28-second heating oil. Feed pipe to the Rayburn must be 10mm.  The oil control valve must be situated on the opposite side of the flue but may be up to five feet away. It must be approximately 5" wide. The fuel supply must be able to turn on.  

New regulations now state that a remote acting fire valve should protect all of the oil supply lines.  The fire valve should be positioned outside of the building where the oil enters, with the sensor near the cooker.

Our experienced and trained fitters will carry out installations on our reconditioned cookers.

Why Choose A Refurbished Rayburn?

AGA Rayburns were initially designed for smaller farmhouses and cottages. Their ability to quickly heat water, provide central heating, and give cooked food a distinctive, delicious taste, are all reasons the ovens are still so popular. They are a greener alternative to other types of ranges and can be run sustainably. All of our reconditioned Rayburn ovens are purpose-built, not converted. 

Our renovation process includes a complete strip-down. We will re-enamel the exteriors in any available colours, complete a shot blast of all cast iron parts, bringing it to a bare clean finish. We also deliver and carry out installations on new CE approved boiler and burners, along with new chrome and alloy fittings, side panels, insulation, firebricks and gratings - all with a 12-month guarantee. Please contact us for further information, prices and enquiries on fully reconditioned cookers. 

Are you looking for high quality reconditioned Rayburns for sale? Speak with one of our representatives today on 01209 214 774.

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