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Monday 25th of May 2020

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Whether you require an oil or gas fired stove of a high output range for your central heating, our team of experienced engineers can find the best deal for you. Contact our helpful team by calling {07990 600 700} or 0800 520 2110. Alternatively, please fill out our contact form.

Oil Burning Ranges

Oil burning ranges are a dependable and low maintenance option compared to electric central heating or traditional open fires. Installing an oil burning stove into your home provides an economical solution to heating your home.

Heating oil is a safe and easy to use fuel, which offers a consistent fuel source that is available even in the event of a power cut. Oil can easily be stored within maintenance-free tanks so that heat is available throughout the year.

Available Ranges:

Oil Fuel Ranges

Gas Burning Ranges

Gas burning stoves and ranges provide a convenient heating solution to your home which is cost effective and easy to use. Gas fuel is a cost effective source of heat for warmth and cooking within your home.

Available Ranges:

Gas Fuel Ranges

Solid Fuel Burning Ranges

Solid fuel burning ranges (or multi fuel) offer an efficient solution to open fires. These fuel burning stoves and ranges hold significantly more heat within the room compared to a traditional fire place which allows large amounts of heat to escape through the chimney.

Multi fuel burning stoves and ranges are able to use a number of solid fuels including coal, smokeless fuel or wood. Whichever solid fuel you wish to use to heat your range, you should check that your chosen stove can accommodate. Each type of fuel requires a different style of stove for best results so it is important to get expert information about each range.

Available Ranges:

Solid Fuel Ranges

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