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Range Oven Options

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  • 28-06-2019
Range Oven Options

Since their invention in 1922, the iconic range oven cookers rapidly gained popularity and became a common sight in homes across the country.

Many people have grown up warming their hands while mothers prepared oats and warmed their milk. In many homes, an entire generation of children grew up and followed the same traditional cooking methods.

As technology advances, stove manufacturers developed a line of flexible range oven models which incorporate a wide range of additional modern features.

Classic Range Oven Cookers

  • Available in a wide range of colours as well as sizes.
  • Electric Cookers
  • Oil Cookers

Additionally, we offer ovens and hotplates if leaving the entire cooker on is impractical. Our hot plates can be heated with ceramics, electric, and certain models come with an induction hob as well. These range oven options make cooking more enjoyable than ever before.

Dual Control Range Cookers

As the name suggests, dual control range cookers are powered by two different power sources, with the most popular being electric and oil. It can drastically reduce your power consumption as you can operate the hotplate independent to the ovens.

Dual control range cookers offers flexibility that allows you to lower the heating cost of a 13amp heat-storage range oven cooker by as much as 50%.

Total Control Range Cookers

On the electric models, each oven and the hotplate can be operated individually. You can also programme the cast iron ovens for baking, roasting and simmering.

As with all other models, it emits radiant heat in operation, warming not only your kitchen but other rooms too. During winter days you'll be comforted by the ambient warmth of your range cooker. In summer you can use it only as needed.

Costs for the operation of your range cooker will be appreciably less than you might expect. The total running costs will depend on how much you use your oven.

The unique feature, Slumber Mode, means you cast iron oven will maintain a consistently low level of heat, which will noticeably shorten the time it takes for your oven to heat up when you need it.

Range Cooker 3 Series- For Your Way of Life

These models feature new flexibility in cooking; each of the 3 ovens and the hotplate can be operated independently from each other. Some models feature a two-zone induction hob which offers additional versatility.

The cast iron ovens of the 3 series boast quick heat up times, which is not only a great convenience, it's also a money-saving innovation. Since 3 series cookers have no flue or ventilation requirements, it may be installed almost anywhere you choose.

When these ovens are in operation, your range cooker will heat your entire kitchen, and each oven will take less than an hour to reach your ideal cooking temperature, providing a saving on running costs in summer.

The large cast iron hotplate on your range cooker comes with an iconic cover which has room for three or for pans. Your hotplate may be used not only for boiling, but you can set it fo simmering over extended periods. This allows you to move your pots from boiling to a gentle simmer- ideal for keeping food warm until you're ready to serve.

City 60Range Cooker

This electric model also features independently controlled oven and hotplate.

We're also able to offer dual fuel models. The cast iron ovens and four ring hobs on the dual fuel model are standard. The electric model features a cast iron hotplate.

The City60 cast iron ovens bring you everything you expect from the pioneers of traditional range cookers. Being mindful of reduced modern living spaces, the City60 model is a versatile and compact cooker which is ideal for smaller kitchens.

It takes advantage of the heat-storing property of its cast iron construction; this method of cooking has been shown to produce great tasting food by keeping the moisture locked in.

These flexible ovens can be used separately or individually as needed. You have:

  1. Roast
  2. Roast & Simmer
  3. Simmer
  4. Bake & Simmer
  5. bake
  6. Switch Off

These traditional ovens do a great deal more than cooking your food. The gentle radiating heat is ideal for providing warmth in the colder seasons. With the average heating up time of less than an hour, you can additionally programme each oven to turn on automatically.

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