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How To Save Money on AGA and Rayburn Cookers

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  • Save Money on AGA and Rayburn Cookers
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  • 19-05-2016
How To Save Money on AGA and Rayburn Cookers

Save Money with your AGA or Rayburn Cooker

AGA and Rayburn cookers are very popular. But buying a cooker doesn't need to be expensive. Learn how you can save money on these popular cookers.

AGA and Rayburn cookers have been a very popular choice among home owners in the UK. Not only do they offer durable cooking ranges but their products are stylish and modern. But unfortunately these cookers may often be a bit expensive for many home-owners.

This is why you should look at alternatives to these popular cooking ranges. One alternative to consider is purchasing a high quality reconditioned range. It is a well-known fact that AGA and Rayburn have put up their prices recently, making reconditioned ranges very affordable.

At Reconditioned Ranges Ltd you can now get reconditioned ranges at less than half of the price of a new one. We can provide you with a solid fuel or oil stove cooker for £2,400. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we have a wide variety of reconditioned products to choose from.

When we provide you with a reconditioned range, all the parts are thoroughly checked for quality. Any old or worn parts are replaced with new ones and we use the cast iron parts whenever necessary. This means that you get the highest quality product at a reduced price.

Country Cookers specialise in refurbished range cookers which we deliver throughout the UK.

For more information about our cooking ranges, contact us by calling 01209 214 774. You can also visit us online or contact us directly by sending an enquiry through our contact form.

Benefits of Owning an AGA

There are so many existing benefits of investing in an AGA range cooker. They are world-renowned ovens with several series of culinary techniques that carry out a series of kitchen tasks. AGA have many benefits, one being that it is constantly running, its ranges are always warm and heated.

 You never have to pre-heat your oven so you can start cooking immediately. It is an excellent device for locking in moisture; the AGA seals effectively and adequately from all six sides to ensure moist baked goods every time.

 AGA ranges have built-in slow cookers, and warming ovens make for easier ways to warm up any leftovers from previous meals. These ovens provide heating to replace that of central heating systems.

 Suppose you are prone to cold chills in your kitchen or home in the winter or early autumn period. In that case, the AGA ovens can turn your home into a cosy, warm place to be, significantly transforming the kitchen into an excellent and comfortable place to eat and socialise. 

Another benefit is their resale value. You may not receive a total investment; however, AGA's are so durable and built to last for a long time; you could sell this appliance many years or decades later, and you may still reap some of the initial costs.

 They are long-lasting; thus, highly cost-effective, even at a second-hand value which is a great way to cut costs and still get an excellently functioning product. 

The ovens may appear small, and not everything may fit; however, the AGA range cookers can fit around a 20lb bird inside and plenty more of your foods and delicacies inside. It's widely valuable to have multiple ovens, and AGA offers up to four ovens in some models. 

Save Money on Your Aga Range Cookers Running Costs

Right Temperature

It's essential to get the correct temperature on your AGA range cooker so that you can efficiently save money on any running costs. The increase in temperature increases the energy used.

 Front thermometers on AGA ovens can often be entirely inaccurate; however, they have a black indicator line on newer models that can be much more accurate.

 Make sure to use the ovens thermometer to ensure you adjust the correct temperature. You can then make a mark on the aluminium plate at the front with a corkscrew or anything similar you may find so that you can remember. 

Isolate The Heating 

To save money on the AGA running costs, it's a good idea to isolate the heating. A radiator heating up the kitchen is likely very pointless as your heating thermostat is often 

cold in most homes in the hallway.

 You can choose to turn off any kitchen radiator entirely to save on your central heating work and costs.

 By doing so, you're not using less fuel; however, you are distributing the heat around your home to be more cost-effective and more effective.  

Spread The Heat Around 

Similarly, it's not good for your kitchen to be hot while most of your house is cold or borderline freezing. A great tip to stop this is not controlling or shutting in the heat all the time; you can prop open the kitchen door after cooking your dishes.

 It allows for the radiant heat that you can often lose from the cooker, warm the house, or most stretch to the hallways. Keeping open bedroom doors and the living room doors, if you have them, will not only let through the delicious scents of the meals you cook-up, but it will also allow the warmth from the ovens to circulate, and as the warm air from the cooker rises, the cool air should drop.

Methods related to this can be most useful, maybe not in the summer season, but in colder seasons like winter and early autumn. Your central heating then gets a great helping hand from your excellent high-quality AGA Rangemaster cooker in a natural way so that you can reduce the use of your heating and thermostat. 

Heat The Water First

AGA range cookers, like most cookers, often cool down quickly when a pan of cold water is atop of it. Usually, when customers forget to turn off range cookers in stores or their homes, when it comes to cleaning them, the best way to do so is by sitting pans with litres of cold water on the hotplates and cooling them down within an hour; this is an example of how fast it can happen.

 The heat draws out rapidly whilst the range cooker often does not respond to the heat loss and continues to attempt to heat the hotplate or hot water. As mentioned previously, we can use the AGA oven as an electric kettle. If you intend on doing so in a more efficient manner, use your electric kettle to heat the water beforehand. 

Defrost First

Draw heavily on the cookers heat reserve before beginning any cooking or baking involving a large joint of meat or frozen goods brought directly out of the fridge or freezer. It would be best to let the room temperature defrost the meat or de-chill it gradually on the kitchen table or counter. Doing so makes for much less time cooking; if you were to put it in the AGA oven without leaving it to thaw out, the cooking time would increase, and so would your running costs. 

Keep Your AGAs Doors Shut

You can afford to be a little obsessive about searching to conserve the heat in your home, especially if it means saving the running costs and any high prices. You can remove the pan entirely when turn roasting any vegetables in the oven; ensure you shut the door whilst you do so.

 Adding up all the minutes it can take to turn the vegetables around four or five times during cooking, and you can never leave the door open for that long, at least not all in one go.

 Whilst it's good to let them open after cooking, they strive to keep them shut for as long as possible whilst doing so. It can reduce the amount of time cooking as vegetables, and other aspects of the dish are cooking thoroughly.  

Use The Simmering Oven

We're leading onto the following tip for saving your running costs whilst running and owning traditional AGA cookers; using the simmering oven. A quick burst of any vegetables that require boiling on the hotplate in boiling water and then into the simmering range should do the trick.

 It's best to use the hotplates specifically for searing, roasting, and frying; having the lid open releases so much lost heat from your AGA cookers heat storage. Keeping all the heat inside for efficient use means saving energy and using running costs wisely instead of letting heat run away. 

Use BIG Pans On The Hotplate

For uses like boiling or heating milk, little pans on top of hotplates expose the plate to the air instead of the substance you intend to heat. If this is proving to be an issue, invest in a broad shallow or flat bottomed pan-one that spreads out to cover the whole hotplate or as much of it as possible.

 Doing so means heat won't waste, and the thing you intend to heat will boil or heat faster. Purchase a few of these deep, high-quality pans and frying pans to ensure you may never have this problem.

Use Hob Covers

The exposure of the lids of hotplates is often where most of the heat is lost. The ovens and hotplates are often up to 600 degrees directly below; this is a large amount of heat lost, which does nothing for your running costs. Investing in insulated chefs pads can enable you to cut down on any heat loss you may experience and allow your cooker to recover it much faster.  

Use a toasting rack  

The AGA is a straightforward and fast method of making toast. It uses barely any of your range cookers storage heat and saves on your toaster's electricity costs. If your toaster becomes no longer efficient or you still haven't found the right one, you no longer need to worry. You'll save hundreds of pounds a year due to the culinary genius techniques and tasks that the AGA range cooker provides.

Turn It Down

You can turn down the cooker entirely if you do a great lot of slow cooking. Often you can cook big meals like casseroles or curries in the slow cooker to thoroughly cook for long periods at a moderate heat until they are ready for consumption. As they get a much longer time to cook, they can exist on a lower heat.

 The simmering oven and hotplates of the AGA range cooker can keep the meal warming through at a slower rate. The AGA model allows for this cooking instead of a fierce oven or purchasing a slow cooking appliance. You'll save so much money on running costs and new separate devices while enjoying your slow-cooked meals. The oven thermometers mean you can adjust the AGA cooker's temperatures until you hit the warmer temperatures of around 90-100 degrees. 

Dry Your Washing on the Cooker  

Drying your washing on the cooker won't precisely reduce the fuel bill as your AGA range cooker will still produce a great deal of heat; however, doing so can still save you money. Instead of working hard to continue investing in new appliances, AGA ovens can also serve as tumble driers.

 It can efficiently dry your washing without going to lengths of forking out the prices of a tumble dryer and then working out whether or not one may fit in your kitchen or suit its interior. Beneficial for cutting out your overall energy usage. By purchasing proper, efficient drying racks and rails to prevent your clothing or pot towels from receiving scorch marks or damaging the AGAs enamel, you can adequately use the oven for your laundry. 

The average cost of running an AGA

Low setting

£ 7.55/ week

Two 13 amp ovens

£ 32.87/ week

Three 13 amp ovens

£ 37.35/ week

Four 13 amp ovens

£ 40.34/ week

The cost figures of your conventional AGA mainly depends on the model you choose to buy. AGA Everyday appliances are independent, and the ovens and hotplates turn on and off as and when you need them or run 24 hours, 7 days a week on a low setting. To run it per week, if left on this setting, would cost you around £7.55. The number of ovens you choose to have also had an impact on the running cost. Two ovens 13 amp models using electricity cost to run on £32.87 a week. Choosing three ovens can set you back £37.35 a week, and four ranges are the most expensive, at £40.34 weekly. Dual electric AGA models, including their many ovens, tend to be a cheaper option. 

Refurbished AGA and Rayburn Cookers for Sale

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