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How To Clean AGA And Rayburn Ranges

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  • 28-10-2015
How To Clean AGA And Rayburn Ranges

How To Clean AGA And Rayburn Ranges

What do you picture when you think of a range cooker? If you are like me then you will think of a farm house or country home with a beautiful AGA in the kitchen and some warm bread cooling by the side of it.

An AGA or Rayburn is what many of us consider a dream kitchen appliance. However, how do you clean something that is always on and that always uses oil or solid fuels?

Well firstly care should be taken when you are cleaning your AGA or Rayburn as any one of the fuels mentioned above can be dangerous.

It is also worth mentioning that having your AGA or Rayburn cooker serviced regularly is a great idea. Let the professionals make sure that everything is working fine for you and do not risk taking a look yourself.

It is easy to remove spills on the outside of the oven or on the enamel surface. Just take a damp (not wet) cloth and remove them as quickly as you can. Because the cooker is always on failing to removing any spills quickly will result in effectively burning them on. This makes them very difficult to get off later.

For spills inside the cookers there isn't really much to do. They will burn off. Then just take a wire brush or anything that is OK for cast iron and brush the dust away. This is the same for the hot plates. Most spillages burn away very quickly so a simple brush clean is all you need to do. No need to go scrubbing a hot surface.

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