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Heat-storage Cooker Servicing

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  • 28-04-2019
Heat-storage Cooker Servicing

Range Oven cookers, as with other domestic equipment, need to be serviced and maintained regularly to make sure that they operate efficiently for longer.

Range Oven cookers normally require a service every 12 months. 30-amp electric cookers ought to be checked every year.

13-amp cookers, such as the Dual Control and Total Control models, should serviced provisionally every two and a half years, with a full-service every 5 years.

Oil cookers should be inspected at least every six months. Diesel and three oven models should be checked every year. Solid fuel models, on the other hand, require their flue-ways to be cleaned monthly; its main chimney should be cleaned every year.

It is important to understand that your engineer will need the Range Oven cooker to be cool during a service maintenance visit. With this in mind, please ensure that the equipment is turned off for at least 12 hours. A hot cooker cannot be serviced safely.

How often should my central heating boiler or range cooker be serviced?

Simply put, depending on the type of boiler, cooker, or burner that has been fitted to your appliance, this period should range between six and 12 months.

If in doubt, refer to your manufacturer's requirements for the exact servicing instructions. More general information can be read from our service page. Additionally, arrange a service visit with Country Cookers by sending an e-mail via the contact us page.

Please note that all LPG ranges, gas, and oil central heating boilers need to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that they keep running efficiently and safely.

Guideline to servicing requirements

  • Vaporising burner - Six months service
  • Oil pressure jet - Yearly service
  • LPG and Gas - Yearly service
  • Electric - Requires safety inspections and checks every year. However, some models need to be provisionally serviced every two and a half years and will require a full service every five years.

How to get more value from your range cooker

Start by reading through the instruction booklet. In most cases, the booklets give enough information on the different functions of the oven, plus detailed advice on how you can use particular features such as hotplates, griddles, and burners. You will surely get the best out of your range cooker if you follow the guidelines provided.

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