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Features of the 2 OVEN AGA

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  • 11-02-2016
Features of the 2 OVEN AGA

Features of the 2-Oven AGA

The 2-oven AGA comes in a variety of fuel types; oil and electric. It has a boiling plate, a simmering plate plus a roasting oven and a simmering oven.

Each of these parts of the range cooker are kept ready to cook by the cast iron body of the AGA. This also provides a little bit of extra heat for the home. It is the perfect place to warm your hands on a cold winters evening.

The sides of the AGA do not get that warm and so they are perfectly safe if you have small children. The heat is contained inside by the cast iron, the outside heat is just a by product of this.

An AGA range cooker is a lot softer with the food that it cooks. It provides a very even warmth so that food cooks evenly and also tastes much better to most people.

The way an AGA cooks allows you to not only lock in flavour but also nutrients as well. That's right, an AGA is actually better for you than a normal oven.

AGA ovens are also big enough to fit a 13kg bird inside. This means that a Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner is really simple and easy. The second oven means that you can keep cooking while the bird is getting lovely and browned.

A 2-oven AGA may be suited to most families. It provides you with enough space for just about everything that you may want to cook and the design is perfectly AGA.

If you think that you may benefit from another size AGA then please explore our website further. We offer a wide range of reconditioned range cookers in the AGA range.

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