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Environmentally Friendly AGA Cookers

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  • 04-11-2015
Environmentally Friendly AGA Cookers

Environmentally Friendly AGA Cookers

It is great to see an industry leader taking it upon themselves to lead the entire industry. The modern AGA has become more efficient and environmentally friendly. This encourages other manufacturers into a better way of making their range cookers. AGA are not just making the most well known and favourite range cookers any more they are helping the planet as well.

You will never find an AGA in a landfill site. This has a lot to do with the fact that they are so cherished and so many are sold on or refurbished by companies like us. After the current owner has no need for them a reconditioned range is an affordable option for many.

But AGA themselves use them too. In fact a modern day AGA is made up of 70% reclaimed iron. Over 90% of an AGA is recyclable. In a world where everything is a throwaway item AGA are still holding on to its traditional values in more ways than one.

Because of the rising fuel prices AGA has many different options for you to choose from as well.

They are using new technology available to them as well to make their cookers even more efficient. This is great to see because even though AGA's look has gone unchanged for many years the way they are working is changing to suit the world around them.

AGA's last on average about 3 times longer than any other kitchen appliance around. This in itself means that it will last a lifetime and get used for many many years by many different people. This prevents the quantity of AGA cookers laying in a landfill.

Of course once the owner has no use for it, it can be recycled and used again and again.

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