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Celebrities Who Own AGA Cookers

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  • 21-10-2015
Celebrities Who Own AGA Cookers

Celebrities Who Own AGA Cookers

Are you considering making the switch from a normal everyday oven to a range cooker like an AGA ?

If you are unsure that the change is really worth it then perhaps it might be worth while taking a look at the many celebrities that use them and love them.

These are examples of famous people within the cooking industry who own AGA ranges. They are a Michelin Star chef and a renowned cookery author. If that isn't a big selling point for AGA I'm not sure what is.

Mary Berry

The cookery author in question is Mary Berry. She is also a judge on the BBC's Great British Bake Off as well as many other feathers in her cap.

She loves using her AGA for cooking and baking. She says that because "They are always on they are always tempting her to cook. "They always keep the house nice and warm."

Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White is a celebrity chef who was the youngest chef to ever hold 3 Michelin Stars. He also has a long list of other achievements to his name.

He too owns an AGA and loves it. He says that in his opinion "The AGA cooker is the closest you can get to a professional stove. He goes on to say that it would be a good idea to have them in professional kitchens!

Both of the celebrities above enjoy cooking a lot and have made very successful careers out of cooking. So when they say that AGA's are great cookers you kind of have to take their word for it. You don't have to be a professional chef to enjoy an AGA either. Any level of cook can make delicious meals in an AGA. That's the beauty of them.

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