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Benefits of a 3 Oven AGA

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  • Benefits of a 3-Oven AGA
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  • 15-02-2016
Benefits of a 3 Oven AGA

Benefits of a 3-Oven AGA

If you are a baker then the 3 oven AGA is right up your street because the baking oven is not just called a baking oven.

The baking oven on the bottom left of an AGA is constantly at the ideal moderate heat for baking perfection. It makes baking cakes, cookies, bread and anything else a complete piece of cake!

A 3-oven AGA is available in electric. The two hotplates on the two are divided into two temperatures, one being called a simmering plate the other a boiling plate. The 3 ovens are divided into the roasting oven, simmering oven and the baking oven.

Combine this oven with the rest of the AGA and you have yourself a great machine. A 3 oven AGA can make cooking any meal seem easy.

You have a lot of space for the meat, each oven being able to hold a 13kg bird and then you have a huge amount of space left over for all the trimmings.

With an AGA there is no waiting times or fiddling with temperatures. You can just go in to the kitchen and get cooking and baking, it is as simple as that.

If you have a serious interest in baking then the 3 oven AGA could be the perfect choice for you. It allows you the same control as a two oven AGA but with a space dedicated to your hobby!

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