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Are AGAs environmentally friendly

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  • 04-11-2015
Are AGAs environmentally friendly

Did you want to find out if AGA ranges are environmentally friendly? We look at the ways which owning an AGA range cooker is good for the environment.

Are AGAs Built From Recycled Materials?

As they are known for their world-renowned longevity, landfill sites will never see an AGA or Rayburn wasting away. Retired or older AGA or Rayburn ovens' models help create new products, just like these models themselves. It makes them one of the greenest, eco-friendly and environmentally conscious oven creations.

Ninety years ago was the first model, and since then, they are almost entirely recyclable due to them being invented and recreated by using recycled products and materials. You would find car gearboxes, old machinery, door fittings, lamp-posts, other cast-iron cookers, guttering, and so much more in the world's very famous oven. 

Do Agas Get Refurbished?

Conventional AGA range cookers are highly durable and have much longevity in the sustainable era. Its design makes it last for many, many generations. 70% of AGA range ovens are manufactured to make it easy for them to be refurbished. Unlike the number of other kitchen appliances you may come across, you may think this is impossible. However, many are refurbished and sold second-hand. Engineers build them from scrap metal, drain covers, guttering, etc. So they are easily reworked for other purposes. 

Can an Aga Range Cooker Be Eco-Friendly?

The heritage of original models of AGA did indeed run fuel, primarily solid and gas fuel models; however, excuses were to improve the cooker's efficiency. AGA Rangemaster cookers received criticism for this reason. However, there were underlying factors and more recent developments in the technology and mechanisms that allow AGA to debunk and rework these factors, keeping them a much-loved British kitchen favourite. AGA range cookers are still highly eco-friendly; they can still run on electricity and no longer need to rely on fuel and small changes like hob covers to complete their electricity conversion. 

Do AGA Cookers Replace Other Kitchen Appliances

Another way AGA range cookers can be really eco-friendly is to replace other kitchen appliances in the home completely. It is such a multifunctional appliance that takes up the use of many other devices that can over-cloud your home with running costs and excess use of energy.

 The AGA has plenty of heat storage so that you may use it for various tasks and reasons other than cooking. You can reheat your food using one of the lower ovens available. You may use the AGA as a toaster, and the hotplates included make excellent toast and grilled sandwiches. 

The AGA can also be your electric kettle simply by popping a stove-top onto a hot plate instead of using a kettle to boil your hot water. Some may also wish to use this as a tumble drier by placing dry laundry atop the AGA range cooker to dry your clothing or pot towels thoroughly, and it won't spoil by oils or any scents.

Doing so can reduce the need to buy several appliances and save on energy in your home. The AGA range cooker sees itself as like a "one-stop-shop" for all of the rest of your crucial kitchen tasks and is not limited to one thing.

Can an AGA Run on Electricity?

Many AGA range cookers continue to run on fossil fuels like solid fuel; however, this is rapidly changing due to improved natural mechanisms and newer technology. 25% of all AGA ovens now run on electricity. AGA constantly makes its products and models more eco-friendly and energy-efficient for all its customers and future buyers. Every year 70% of purchases of the latest AGA models run entirely on electricity.

 New AGA range cookers are not only running on the new electric fuel source, but many existing models or second-hand models are converting to this new source, making them more efficient for use and highly energy-saving. They are helping to save 80% of annual fuel bills by making these conversions to models. Many newly constructed models allow for further control of the cooker when cooking. You sure can now change and turn on and off aspects of the oven independently, giving you more freedom and choice over the temperatures. 

Can an AGA Also Heat Your Kitchen?

Alongside all of these factors, they are also capable of heating your kitchen. It provides a cosy, habitable warmth for all of its customers, making your kitchen the perfect room for socialisation and a comfortable place to eat for families and pets. It has the added benefits of reducing any of your central heating bills by providing central heating to your household.

 You are at liberty to turn off radiators in your rooms, and your AGA range oven can still offer that comfortable warmth achievable through central heating systems. Your home is going to receive the maximum benefits in all seasons, from winter to early autumn and spring, when it is most needed.

Environmentally Friendly AGA Cookers

It is great to see an industry leader taking it upon themselves to lead the entire industry. The modern AGA has become more efficient and environmentally friendly. This encourages other manufacturers into a better way of making their range cookers. AGA are not just making the most well known and favourite range cookers any more they are helping the planet as well.

You will never find an AGA in a landfill site. This has a lot to do with the fact that they are so cherished and so many are sold on or refurbished by companies like us. After the current owner has no need for them a reconditioned range is an affordable option for many.

But AGA themselves use them too. In fact a modern day AGA is made up of 70% reclaimed iron. Over 90% of an AGA is recyclable. In a world where everything is a throwaway item AGA are still holding on to its traditional values in more ways than one.

Because of the rising fuel prices AGA has many different options for you to choose from as well.

They are using new technology available to them as well to make their cookers even more efficient. This is great to see because even though AGA's look has gone unchanged for many years the way they are working is changing to suit the world around them.

AGA's last on average about 3 times longer than any other kitchen appliance around. This in itself means that it will last a lifetime and get used for many many years by many different people. This prevents the quantity of AGA cookers laying in a landfill.

Of course once the owner has no use for it, it can be recycled and used again and again.

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